About company

The company IRONEX-STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS Ltd. (in short I.S.C.) was found in 2004. I.S.C. Ltd. was created from the company Ironex, Ltd. and the company Július Dobosi – GRANIT, which is on the market since 1992. The main focus of the company is the manufacture and assembly of steel structures. It also has a rich experience with the realization of civil, residential, engineering and industrial buildings, and renovation of residential buildings as well. The company has profiled to a stable construction and manufacturing entity on the domestic market by its business activities and manufacturing program.

IRONEX-STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS Ltd. is a certified construction and manufacturing company under the European quality management standard EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and dealing with complex construction activity.

Our company is registered in the list of economic operators and in the list of public sector partners, which allows us to actively participate in public procurement and public sector contracts.

Current technological equipment and space capacities of our company allow an average productivity of 300 tons per month (depending on the type of structure).

Our works