steel constructions

Steel structures provide an unlimited number of applications in a wide range of disciplines and industries. The basic element of prefabricated halls, shelters and supporting structures is steel. S235 and S355 steel are most often used. The parameters of individual steel structures are recalculated to suit the specific snow and weather areas in which the buildings are located. All calculation and design work is performed by our employees.

Each steel structure is provided with protective coatings of synthetic or polyurethane color. The total coating thickness is from 130 to 300 µm; if necessary, the structure can also be provided with fire-resistant coatings.

The designed steel structures, even with their economic simplicity, maintain reliable stability, functionality and sufficient fire resistance. The steel used excels in above-standard quality and a higher strength class. We will supply a certificate of the material used and a CE certificate of the product for each manufactured steel structure.


  • unlimited functional and aesthetic solutions
  • economy and long life of steel
  • speed of assembly of the structure
  • the price
  • variability of construction – extension,
  • extension
  • combinability with other materials
  • The implementation of constructions is solved individually, ie to measure – according to the needs of each investor. The structures are manufactured and delivered in any widths, lengths and heights.

Use of frame halls

  • car showrooms and car repair shops
  • production halls and industrial halls
  • warehouses and agricultural halls
  • sports halls
  • administrative halls and shops


  • prefabricated halls
  • multi-storey halls
  • industrial platforms
  • superstructures
  • construction for technology
  • standsshelters
  • ships,
  • port pontoons
  • bridges, lookout towers
  • replacement of construction openings, etc.

Steel structures can be insulated with sandwich panels, which excel in high thermal insulation properties. Sandwich panels are available in various thicknesses, properties and colors. High fire resistance is a matter of course for these panels. If there is no need to insulate the structure, they can be clad with high-quality trapezoidal sheet metal.

We produce the steel constructions in own production halls in our facility in Komárno, with an area of more than 17,000 m2.